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Doodle Health

Top Three Doodle Health Issues

Doodles delight us with their shaggy teddy bear hugs and infectious joy. But even these bundles of fluff aren’t immune to health problems! As a doodle parent, it’s important to know what issues our BFFs are prone to. That way we can catch problems early and help our pups stay happy. After countless kisses and cuddles with my doodle Winston, I want to share the 3 most common health concerns I’ve learned to look out for. Don’t worry, with some awareness and preventative care from your vet, you and your doodle can focus on the fun stuff – like playing fetch and snacking on treats!

Eye Issues

Cataracts, glaucoma, and eye infections like conjunctivitis commonly impact doodles. Watch for cloudy, red, or irritated eyes.

Joint Problems

Hip and elbow dysplasia are prevalent and cause lameness, stiffness, and arthritis over time. Look for trouble standing or reluctance to play.

Ear Issues

Floppy ears and allergies make doodles prone to infections. Foul odor, head shaking, or scratching at ears may indicate problems.

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